Floor Waterproofing in Perth

Waterproofing services that work.

We can fix your waterproofing problems in Booragoon, but have you thought about discussing the options available to you before building or extending so that you are protected from any unexpected problems in a few years time? Prevention is still better than cure.

When it comes to waterproofing problems in a building it doesn't take an expert to notice that something is in need of attention. You'll probably be familiar with a number of these:

  • there is a musty smell
  • mould starts to grow
  • paint bubbles and peels
  • the place is cold and damp spots appear
  • wood and carpet can rot
  • and most commonly, tell-tale stain marks appear

Some of our clients over the years include:

  • Rottnest Light House
  • State War Memorial, King's Park
  • King Edward Memorial Hospital
  • Matilda Bay Brewery
  • Port Hedland Reservoirs
  • Metropolitan Water Authority Reservoirs

ASR will locate the source of the waterproofing problem by means of advanced moisture detection devices and our extensive experience with this type of work. We should stress that like so much of the work we are involved in, it is essential that the root cause of the problems are correctly located and identified. Only by following this fundamental procedure can we be assured that we are providing you with the correct solution that will give the very best result.

We have a range of systems and products, for both new and established structures, that will give you peace of mind when it comes to dealing with waterproofing.

We'd be happy to discuss the range and options that we can offer you. The best place to begin is by contacting us in Booragoon and we can begin to explore your unique situation and give you an excellent picture of how best to tackle your problem.


Along with waterproofing, ASR in Booragoon can also handle all your flooring problems. The single most important factor when dealing with flooring is understanding the critical factor of adhesion between the old surface and the new. It is when this adhesion fails or the substrate is not able to bond, cracking or delimination can occur which when you are left with both an unsightly and dangerous floor. 

What can be done about this?

  • First, the floor surface must be identified for its suitability
  • Secondly, a task-specific cleaning product is applied
  • Finally, when the above two steps are complete we will ensure that the best technology is used with the desired agent to give you the surface that will be both safe and sightly

Like so much of the work we are contracted to undertake, whether it is flooring or the preparation stages in construction or renovation work, we know that a lot of heartache and expense could be avoided if the work was done professionally in the first place.

Unfortunately, it is because of skipping over important steps that we are called in at a later stage. Whilst this can be a frustrating time for the owner of a property that needs attention, we stress that when work needs to be carried out on your property, contact us, we'll give you the insights from our vast experience, and if you choose us to undertake work on your property you will know that the work will be done to the highest professional standards.

We'll do it once, and get it right. No ifs, no buts. We guarantee it.


When it comes to inspecting a shower for water leakage and the resultant damage, we have a 30 point inspection. Why do we spend so much time? Because we need to be certain which of two different processes is going to be the best solution for your situation. Without any doubt, leaking showers will have to rate as one of the most common problems and complaints in the building industry. (We should point out that leaking showers are not necessarily a sign of poor workmanship: over time, grout becomes porous and your tiles will expand and contract which means moisture will get into your surrounding brickwork).
We will use one of two repair processes, based on our initial extensive evaluation, which will GUARANTEE a successful repair: Either we'll apply a chemical process to eliminate the porosity in your grout and tiles, or we'll rebuild your shower incorporating waterproofing applied to Australian Standards.

Rising damp

After 14 years in business in Perth, we can stake our business on this fact: rising damp doesn't go away by itself - no matter what you hope for.

Where will it be coming from? There's a host of possibilities: it could be from mositure seeping through walls; leaks in the roof, guttering or pipes; inadequate ventilation or insulation; capilliary action through the ground; or salt contamination when mositure is absorbed from the atmosphere into contaminated bricks and mortar.

Flooring Home that received rising damp repairs in Perth Rising damp