Residential Building Restoration in Perth

Building Restoration in Perth

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All Surface Restorations can handle any concrete repair or mortar restoration job you may have. We are Perth's experts when it comes to building repair or other restoration work.

Concrete Repairs

Before and after pictures of building concrete repairs in Perth

Were you aware that concrete deterioration in buildings acts just like cancer does within the human body? It is completely hidden in the early stages, only revealing that there is a serious problem after it has taken hold beneath the surface.

The first signs may be rust stains or small cracks - which then cause the deterioration to speed up at an alarming rate.

What causes concrete deterioration?
There are a number of reasons, among them being poor construction work; being attacked by chlorides (salt); or maybe it is due to the pH levels in the concrete altering over time. Whatever the cause, concrete deterioration is (a) a problem that will not disappear and (b) the sooner you treat it the better.

The solution to concrete deterioration begins by diagnosing the cause of the problem. At ASR we work in liaison with consulting engineers to ensure that the reason behind the deterioration is correctly identified. If this isn't done, any concrete repair would be based on guess work and would end up being nothing more than a band-aid job. In our experience, quick fixes prove far more costly in the long run.

Once we have established the proper cause of the problem all damaged, we undertake concrete repair using a specialised polymer modified water-based cementatious mortar. However, this is just the first step we take. After the initial repair work is completed we then apply leading-edge products and systems to ensure the work is protected from further destructive elements.

To ensure that you are 100% confident in our ability to deliver the highest quality workmanship at a competitive price we are more than happy to talk with you about any deterioration problems you have, or suspect ... and we have many examples of our work and satisfied clients throughout the metro area to confirm the thoroughness which which we complete our work.

Contact ASR in Perth to allow us to begin to assist you in any way we can.  

Mortar Restoration

mortar restorations

Many factors need to be assessed about your building so that any concrete repair or mortar restoration work carried out will not only restore the structural integrity of the property, but will ensure that it aesthetically blends in with the rest of the building.

It's one thing to know that your property is safe and sound, but like us you've probably seen repair work that sticks out a mile, and not only does this make the property stand out for all the wrong reasons, it also devalues it.

At ASR many factors will be assessed about restoring the mortar on your property so that when completed we will have achieved our aim of an invisible repair. Fretting mortar is a problem that's almost as old as time. Our approach is to use traditional systems enhanced with current technology - namely the MXL system. The MXL system uses both mechanical and pneumatic guns to pump specially formulated latex cement mortar mix into the brickwork.

When we start a job we'll probably be dealing with the result of rising damp, weak mixes, inadequate construction techniques and sprinklers. After careful evaluation and preparation we will repair the mortar using the MXL system which means:

  • there won't be any smearing on the current brickwork
  • pressure filling ensures no hidden cavities are left
  • our water-based products are safe for owners
  • we don't require the use of harmful acids
  • we can match the colour to within 5% of existing brickwork
  • with enhanced bonding, life expectancy is increased

No matter how bad your brickwork has deteriorated we have the experience and technology to bring it back to its original condition.  

Building Facades & Restoration

building facades & restoration

Our company has built an enviable reputation in the trade for restoring buildings and facades using methods that are sympatheic to the original design and construction. What makes us stand out in particular is the way in which we incorporate technological advances in construction that will ensure the property's future use and needs.

At ASR we consider ourselves fortunate to be in the unique position of being able to offer a complete service to all our clients which includes the expertise of a highly qualified industrial chemist who complements our practical contractual team.

What this means for you is that we are able to tailor systems to meet your specific demands and requirements - this is verified through our involvement with many major restoration projects undertaken

The difference that a professional restoration can make to the image of your business. The result is nothing short of a complete transformation.