Concrete Restoration for Perth's Projects

At ASR we guarantee to do the job once ... and do it right!

With a lot of restoration work it often comes down to opening the yellow pages and hoping for the best...but when one of our most valued monuments in WA needed attention - reminding us of those we owe so much to - they couldn't take any chances. 

We are known throughout the building industry for specialising in the repair and restoration of
any surface whether it be concrete restoration to mortar restoration in Perth or anywhere else in Wesert Australia, both commercial and residential.

We find creative solutions for projects when necessary, so that we can confidently undertake tasks that others simply can't handle.

Fact is, we'll even build specialist equipment if that is what it takes, so that you get the result you need: the job done once ... done right. 


Concrete restoration in progress in Perth

They needed the best in the business ... so they came to ASR.


While we can't make any claim to being infallible, as a company you'll find that one of our core values is to approach every task we undertake with the highest level of professionalism, which means that our slogan "Do it once, Do it right" has become our track record rather than a goal we aspire to reach.

You'll be aware that sometimes in life things happen which you simply can't control ... if this means that a job hasn't worked out the way either the way we, or you wanted it to, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that we don't count any contract finished until you are 100% satisfied. And that makes all the difference in this line of work.

Over the years we've seen just about everything there is to see in this trade and if there's two pieces of advice we can pass on, this is what we'd say ...

  1.  Don't put off addressing surface restoration problems - it will cost you more the longer you delay.
  2.  It is cheaper to do it once, properly, the first time.

What our clients think ...


I've known the principal of ASR since 1983 ... ASR are experts in using water-based resin technology for modifying cement mixes to repair concrete and restore mortar and brickwork. ASR show environmental sensitivity by preferring to use water-based products. We highly recommend ASR because of their considerate professional attitude to their staff, their work, product knowledge and their clients.
Geoff Ledsham - Calmarc Chemicals


All Surface Restorations have for the past eight years been responsible for the waterproofing of our wet areas, balcony decks and any areas of construction which may have required their expertise.

No problem is unsolvable for George and his team. As with all trades, quality and cleanliness on completion are mandatory and All Surface Restorations never have to be reminded of this.
Murray Pickering Builder